The End of The Defender

The last Defender has rolled off the production line and rightly so it has been given a royal send off. The vehicle has been in production since 1948 and over these 60+ years it has become revered and adored. It has become a British icon that will be sorely missed. It is said to be safety reasons that the vehicle is being drawn to a close, but the fact that it has lasted for so long, with very little change is a testament to itself. I am sure that the Defender owners will be making sure that the spirit lives on and I’m also certain that we will be seeing them on the roads, fields and dirt tracks for many years to come.

The above Defender was a special production as it was the 2 millionth vehicle ever built (Story)    Photo courtesy of

Land Rover is a large part of our company, having developed hundreds of components for both the aftermarket spares and genuine supply. We take huge pride in being an original equipment supplier to the JLR brand. It is a company that Britain idolises and it is satisfying to see the company go from strength to strength over the past 10 years. The brand is growing massively worldwide and it is not surprising with the models that have been designed.

2007 Land Rover Defender. Photo courtesy of

The Defender replacement has been discussed for the past few years, after the confirmation of the end of the current vehicle. There have been design rumours spreading, but I am sure everyone is looking forward to the official unveiling. It has been promised to be announced by 2018 and judging by the success of other models, I am sure it will be far from a disappointment!

Nicholas Jones.

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